How to Study at Work

How to Study at Work

If you are going to school and working at the same time, you may find it difficult to get through all of your studies because of your work schedule. Even if you have the flexibility of online classes, you still have to find the time to study in the midst of holding down a job. This is one of the hardest aspects of being a college student because of the sheer stress that comes with life in college. Lucky for you, there are a few things you can do to study at work so that you can combine the two areas of your life. Here are some tips to help you get through your schooling, even when you’re working 9 to 5.

Use Your Breaks Wisely

Rather than using your entire lunch break to feed your face, why not multi-task and do a little studying? You could listen to lectures on your computer, or you could read while you eat your lunch. If you are going to do that, you may want to eat in your car so that you can have a quiet environment to learn in. Otherwise you may get distracted by the gossip going on around you. You have to show some self discipline if you want to get through your college courses. Is that means eating in your car every now and then, so be it.

Study in the Bathroom

As awkward as this may sound, you do have an opportunity to log some studying hours while you are going to the bathroom. This may not be the most luxurious way to learn information for class, but it is an opportunity to consider. Of course, this depends on how long you plan to be in the bathroom. We won’t get into that though. Bring some index cards with you in your purse to flip through while you’re in the restroom. As long as you’re not in there for 20 minutes at a time, I think you should be good to go.

Listen to Audio Files

If you have a job that does not require a lot of actual thinking, you may consider listening to audio files of your school textbooks. This won’t work for a lot of professions, but it is an option to keep on the backburner. For instance, I work as a writer and therefore need my brain all the time when I’m at work. My husband does a lot of managerial work for our business, which requires less thinking and more “doing.” He can listen to video lectures from his classes because he doesn’t have to drill away at work like I do. You have to figure out if you will be able to do this or not.

Get through Work Early

If you get though your work early, you may be able to create enough down time to study like you would at home. If not, you might actually be allowed to leave early because you got done so soon. Working efficiently will lead to better pay rates and job opportunities, so it is not a bad trait to have. You just have to focus on the chance to study and use it as motivation to get through your work.

If you can’t find a way to study when you are working, you may just want to find a way to minimize your stress so you can focus when you get home. Create a peaceful learning environment for you to work in, and your brain will help no trouble soaking in all that you offer it.